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Three unconventional tips for enhancing your leadership presence

Updated: May 7

Leadership presence is more than just a title on your door; it's about authenticity in every encounter. Leadership presence entails remaining grounded in your body, fully engaged in the present moment, and attuned to your emotions and sensations, all while maintaining composure amidst the complexities of your surroundings. In this blog I share three unconventional tips for enhancing your leadership presence.

  1. Calibrate before engaging: Prior to entering your next meeting or interaction, take a moment to recalibrate yourself. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and envision yourself in a serene setting surrounded by loved ones. Allow yourself to bask in that feeling of joy and connection. By entering the discussion with a clear mind and an open heart, you can engage with your colleagues more authentically and effectively.

  2. Utilize silence to convey meaning: Silence can be a powerful tool for fostering genuine connections. Instead of rushing to fill every pause in conversation, embrace moments of silence. Ask open-ended questions and give your colleagues ample time to respond. Allow an extra few seconds of silence to linger, encouraging deeper reflection and expression. Sometimes, your heartfelt presence in silence says more than words ever could.

  3. Embrace authentic vulnerability: Leadership isn't just about showcasing successes and offering solutions; it's also about being willing to share your vulnerabilities. Share stories of your challenges and setbacks. Discuss moments when you felt unsupported or overwhelmed, and articulate what you need from your team to thrive. By embracing authentic vulnerability, you not only build trust and empathy but also create a space for genuine connection and growth within your team.

By incorporating these strategies into your leadership approach, you can instantly boost your presence and cultivate deeper connections with those around you. Remember, true leadership is about more than just authority—it's about authenticity, empathy, and the willingness to show up as your genuine self.


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