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Kristof De Maeyer

General Manager

All Sport Equipment NV

"With the great support of Debbie during a 2 day offsite, our executive team managed to take huge steps forward in our decision-making process, accepted change as an energy builder and found alignment on new strategic structures. Her experience and open personal approach guided us closely and safely to make these huge steps forward."


Do you wonder:

- in which direction your team is heading?

- why your team fails to make progress?

- what is causing the unspoken tension between team members?

Team coaching will reveal the answers!

Image by Jamie Street
Image by You X Ventures
Image by Charles Deluvio


Build your organization

My previous experience as HR manager and HR consultant in different companies can help you focus on the right priorities for your organization. 
My expertise: leadership development, organization development, high potential programs, strategic HR policies (rewards & recognition, performance & evaluation,...)


Results & Team dynamics

During a facilitated working session you do what you do best: work together with the team towards a dedicated goal! During the session, I give feedback on the spot on how you can improve your decision making process. After this facilitated working session you have both accomplished the content goal and you have clear insights on how to conduct more effective meetings in the future.


Define your common goal and collaboration principles

During a team chartering session the team clarifies its common goal and collaboration principles. In addition, we investigate the scope and the stakeholder approach of the team.

The discussion is summarised on a one pager and signed by all the members of the team. A team charter creates direction and commitment!


For teams looking to reconnect and maximize their collective creative power after the covid crisis

The power of teams lies in their collective wisdom. Co-creation thrives when people are together in the same room. During the last few months, teams have only been able to connect virtually and they start to notice now that they are no longer tapping into their full collective power.

The Reconnect & Refocus workshop provides a fun half-day during which the team can reconnect and build trust. And there is more than just the fun! We take time to reframe the outlook on collaboration in this new blended context and build a collective action plan for solid collaboration practices.

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