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Scientific publications

Below you find a list of my most relevant scientific publications. My research focused mainly on the formation mechanism of catalysts.

Journal of the American Chemical Society

Carboxylate Binding in Copper Histidine Complexes in Solution and in Zeolite Y: X- and W-band Pulsed EPR/ENDOR Combined with DFT Calculations

D. Baute, D. Arieli, F. Neese, H. Zimmermann, B. Weckhuysen, D. Goldfarb

Journal of Physical Chemistry C

Interaction of Nitrates with Pluronic Micelles and Their Role in the Phase Formation of Mesoporous Materials

D. Baute, D. Goldfarb

Journal of Physical Chemistry A

The 17O hyperfine interaction in V17O(H217O)62+ and Mn(H217O)62+ determined by high field ENDOR aided by DFT calculations

D. Baute, D. Goldfarb

Journal of Physical Chemistry B

Properties of the Silica Layer during the Formation of MCM-41 Studied by EPR of a Silica-Bound Spin Probe

D. Baute, V. Frydman, H. Zimmermann, S. Kababya, D. Goldfarb

Chemistry of Materials

Synthesis of MCM−41 with a Phosphonium Template

D. Baute, H. Zimmermann, S. Kababya, S. Vega, D. Goldfarb


Determination of the Hydration Number of Gadolinium(III) Complexes by High-Field Pulsed 17O ENDOR Spectroscopy

A.M. Raitsimring, A.V. Astashkin, D. Baute, D. Goldfarb

Inorganica Chimica Acta

Structural and EPR/ENDOR/ESEEM spectroscopic investigations of a vanadomolybdate Keggin-type polyoxometalate in organic solvent

A.M. Khenkin, P.J. Carl, D. Baute, A. Raitsimring, R. Neumann

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