Your humble guide through chaos

As an engineer with a PhD in Chemical Physics, my career took some drastic turns when I became HR manager at Procter & Gamble and later on an independent change consultant & leadership coach. Having worked in Belgium, Israel and Switzerland for companies of different sizes and nature,

you can say change has always been an integral part of my life.

My biggest driver is offering stability to leaders and change teams

in chaotic environments. As a scientist I go immediately to the core: what is really going on here?

I invite leaders and change teams to explore the context

and teach them new methods to tackle change.

My approach does not only lead to results, it also increases the intrinsic agility of the leaders and the organization.

My major influences are: Nature, Physics, Yoga, Zen, Stoicism, Tao, Chaos, Transformational Presence & Leadership, Pranayama, ...

I have followed ICF certified coaching trainings on the individual, team and organizational level. As HR manager at Procter & Gamble I led large-scale organizational change programs and I was the trusted advisor to the R&D executive team in Brussels.

Nowadays, my clients range from public institutions, to fire departments, not-for-profit organizations and big corporates. 


You can find my complete CV on my LinkedIn profile 



Debbie Baute, Confidant gcv, Biesboslaan 7, 1785 Merchtem

+32 485 543 014


Debbie Baute, Confidant gcv, Biesboslaan 7, 1785 Merchtem

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