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Start with what is bugging you most

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

My natural tendency in crises is to slow down. To contemplate. To assess the situation from the outside… It has become a real talent with many benefits. However, it also has its downsides… Sometimes it makes me slow down to paralysis, which makes it hard to get back into action…

I am challenging myself to strike the right balance between slowing down and taking (the right) action. A sort of “intelligent waiting”. Not diving into the action right away either. Taking enough time to understand the new reality, taking it in. Really understanding what it means to me and to what I believe is important. Then discovering where it itches, where is the friction? What is really bugging me?

And that brought me to this new resolution: I start every day with what is bugging me most.

That does not mean I need to fix it, but I am challenging myself to take a first step towards a solution. Sometimes I can get really worked up if I cannot provide the right answer to a client right away. Instead of mulling over it and procrastinating, I get in touch with the client and explain why I am stuck. Surely enough, most of the times, this is what brings re-newed action. The client might say, it wasn’t what they needed anyway. Or because I got in touch, we start talking about it and new opportunities show up.

In the (inter)action the answer will show.

Friction is the tell-tale sign, the red flag, the invitation for you to start moving. The answer will then become apparent through the (inter)action.

If you want to discuss how YOU can take a first step in what is bugging you most, do not hesitate to get in touch!


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