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Chaos Catalyst Dinner
The candle light edition

Your first step to catalyzing your chaos and making your organization grow

Join us for an evening of connection, reflection, and transformation

Our Chaos Catalyst Dinner is an inspiring evening beyond just good food. Connect with fellow leaders, visionaries, and quick-thinking minds to join a transformative journey. It's not just an event. It's the first step toward transforming chaos into growth in your leadership and organization.

Date and Time: February 7, 2024 from 5-9 PM
Venue: Brussels (exact location TBA)

Assess. Connect. Transform.

Discover the impact of meaningful connections and gain valuable insights on your leadership challenges.

This evening gives you a sneak peek into our Chaos Catalyst Council, a mix of coaching, training, and peer learning. Collect wisdom and insights on building healthy organizations while connecting with those who truly understand you.

Image by Eloy Martinez

For whom:

  • International business executives with HQ in Brussels

  • Leaders seeking innovative solutions for organizational challenges

  • Quick and neurodivergent thinkers

  • Curious and impatient achievers, who want to grow themselves and their organizations

Why should you attend?

If you are looking for:

  • Connection with like-minded leaders

  • Wisdom and insights on building healthy organizations from a seasoned pro

  • No nonsense, honest and heartfelt feedback on your leadership style

  • Hands-on learning: we will practice the art of building organizations as ecosystems, by exploring the connections in this leadership network

Image by ActionVance

Let’s drink (virtual) coffee first

Candid Pre-Event Coffee Conversations

Before stepping into the warmth of our Chaos Catalyst Dinner, let's have a casual virtual coffee chat. It's a chance to ensure the right fit between the coach, the program and each participant. We are looking for goal-getters, open to transformation and embracing vulnerability.

Why Book a Virtual Coffee?

  • Confirm that the program meets your expectations

  • Ensure all participants are aligned

  • Establish a warm and safe environment

  • Set the stage for meaningful conversations at the dinner

Image by Justin Kauffman

I support leaders and teams to find their path in chaotic circumstances.

Navigating chaos with grace, is my driver. Every organizational challenge is approached as a way to learn and grow. As a scientist I go immediately to the core: what is really going on here? I invite leaders and change teams to explore the context and teach them new methods to tackle change.

My approach does not only lead to results, it also increases the intrinsic agility of the leaders and the organization.​ I have learned the hard way that the quickest way to build resilient organizations is to build resilient leaders. This network is a way to share my experience and to bring together like-minded changemakers.

About the program

The Chaos Catalyst Council is a year-long program that's all about transforming leaders and top-level execs. It's not your typical training – it's a fast-track combo of coaching, peer feedback, and intense personal and professional growth.

Led by me, a seasoned pro in leadership and organizational development, this program creates a tight-knit, confidential space where participants can tackle leadership challenges, swap insights, and build a collaborative vibe.

It's not just a learning journey; it's an accelerated ride into the heart of leadership development. We learn how to build resilient ecosystems, by building a resilient network of chaos catalysts.

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