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Chaos Catalyst Circle
a leadership ecosystem -

Navigating chaos and nurturing growth in a circle of like-minded people

Why? In the fast-paced world of leadership, challenges can be overwhelming and the journey often feels solitary. That's why our Chaos Catalyst Circle is designed to connect like-minded leaders, share wisdom on building resilient organizations, and create personal and professional breakthroughs.

Guided by Debbie, a seasoned expert in leadership and organizational development, you will experience a transformative blend of coaching, training, bodywork and peer learning, turning chaos into growth for both you and your organization.

The program offers a unique blend of shared wisdom, mentorship, and an ecosystem for collaborative growth and support.

What? Over the course of a year, we will meet 6 times - a total of 7 days: starting with a 2 day kick-off weekend and concluding with a celebratory dinner. We will delve into key areas that define leadership excellence. In between sessions, you will be challenged with short individual or team assignments.

Goal? Break through your leadership limitations, find your edge and learn to build ecosystems to thrive in chaos.

When? Start in October 2024.

Where? Hof te Hamme, Biesboslaan 7, 1785 Merchtem (near Brussels).

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Transform your leadership

Join the Chaos Catalyst Circle

Connect with like-minded leaders: Join an exclusive program with entrepreneurial leaders who share your passion for innovation, tackling challenges, and self-development. The Chaos Catalyst Circle is a carefully curated group of quick, neurodivergent thinkers who share a similar mindset to yours.


Share the burden of pioneering: Navigate the challenges of leadership within a community that is ready to tackle challenges collectively, inspire one another, and share the burden of pioneering.


Grow beyond expectations: You cannot grow and reach your full potential if you are unaware of the possibilities! Join this group of exceptional leaders with proven track records to guide you on the journey.


Share wisdom and insights: Collaboration is at the core of our program. Engage with peers, share your experiences, and gain valuable perspectives on building healthy, thriving organizations.

Find inspiration for innovation: Exchange ideas and find creative solutions to complex problems in a supportive and safe space for exploration.

And above all... find a welcoming and warm home to nurture your leadership and creative ideas. It is not a place to prove yourself. It is a cocoon to grow.

Intended outcomes

1. Break through your leadership limitations


2. Find your leadership edge: who are you in groups?


3. Learn how to build ecosystems to thrive in chaos

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Program structure

  • Circle led by a seasoned expert in leadership and organizational development

  • Maximum 10 participants for a small and confidential group

  • 6 live meetings over the course of a year, spread over 7 days: starting with a 2 day kick-off weekend and concluding with a celebratory dinner

  • Mix between coaching, training, bodywork and peer learning. In between sessions the participants are challenged with short individual or team assignments. Throughout the journey, you work on your personal leadership challenge

Tentative calendar 

October 3 + 4, 2024

2 consecutive days

Kick-off in Oostduinkerke

December 12


1 day


Year end

February 7


1 day


March 21


1 day


June 27


1 day



September 4


1 day + evening

Close-out year 1 + setting the tone for year 2

Themes we tackle in the Circle:

  • "Growing my leadership": Dealing with impatience, restlessness, loneliness. Increasing self-awareness, emotional maturity, leadership presence and embodiment

  • "Growing my team": Team dynamics, setting up agile teams, understanding systemic wiring and how your attachment style influences your capacity to build teams and organizations

  • "Growing my organization": building ecosystems, finding the right direction, communicating vision with impact, navigating chaos

For Whom

  • Curious and impatient achievers, who want to grow themselves and their organizations

  • Quick and neurodivergent thinkers who have high expectations for both their lives and organizations.

  • (International) business executives with a HQ in Belgium

  • Leaders seeking innovative solutions for organizational challenges

  • Founders / entrepreneurs / intrapreneurs who are the heart and soul of their organization

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Why should you attend?

If you are looking for:

  • Connection with like-minded leaders

  • A cocoon to nurture your leadership

  • Wisdom and insights on building healthy organizations from a seasoned pro

  • No nonsense, honest and heartfelt feedback on your leadership style

  • Experiential learning: we will practice the art of building organizations as ecosystems, by exploring the connections in this leadership network and understanding our own attachment style, its advantages and its limits


Hof te Hamme, a classified historical farm northwest of Brussels, has a rich history dating back to a Frankish settlement in the 600s. Legend has it to be the birthplace of Saint Gudula, the patron saint of Brussels, associated with miraculous healings. It is a place that speaks to your imagination. In the midst of greenery, this place invites you to slow down and connect to what is really important. Here, we delve into the heart of the matter: your growth as a leader.

Image by Jazmin Quaynor

Who is Debbie?


I support leaders and teams to find their path in chaotic circumstances.

Navigating chaos with grace, is my driver. Every organizational challenge is approached as a way to learn and grow. As a scientist I go immediately to the core: what is really going on here? I invite leaders and change teams to explore the context and teach them new methods to tackle change.

My approach does not only lead to results, it also increases the intrinsic agility of the leaders and the organization.​ I have learned the hard way that the quickest way to build resilient organizations is to build resilient leaders. This network is a way to share my experience and to bring together like-minded changemakers.

Want more info?

Before stepping into the warmth of our Chaos Catalyst Circle, you might have some questions. Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have. I'd love to hear from you!

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