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Have you ever wondered?

How can I increase my impact?


How do I claim my place in the lead team?

How do I deal with my difficult colleague / boss / direct report?

How do I make sure I don't collapse under all this pressure? 

What is the next step in my career?


What if...

you found your true essence to lead from?

you became essential to the lead team?

you were able to influence tough relationships?

your confidence was rock solid?

Image by Aniket Bhattacharya

What you need is...

straight feedback

inquisitive questions to probe your core

a warm sounding board

a venue that inspires you to open up

Image by Mariam Soliman


Boosts your impact

Image by Jeremy Bishop


Get the most out of your natural leadership style

Self knowledge is the beginning of self-improvement. Is it not really clear to you what type of leader you are? Would you love to exude the confidence that is inherent to self-assured leaders? I will guide and inspire you to discover your leadership metaphor and own it.

Image by Patrick Hendry


Guidance & inspiration during transitions

New job? New team? New project? Transitions can be challenging, both personal and organizational. However, people and organizations are living systems. They adhere to certain natural principles. Let me teach you these principles, so you can own your transition!

Orange Blossom


Enhance your leadership skills

Whether you need to improve on your influencing or communication skills, your team building or conflict management skills: during a 1-1 training session we will quickly get to the core of what you need to take your leadership skills to the next level!


Florie Gonsolin
Director Climate Change Transformation

Our sessions made me aware that becoming a good leader is a journey and that it requires patience and perseverance. It makes sense to test different approaches/behaviours to understand what works and what is compatible with your intrinsic personality.

Thank you again for offering what felt to me like a “cocoon” with such a nice location and your caring presence, which allowed me to take time for some useful reflection.

Eager for a quick start?

Energy is the capacity to do work. It is the first thing I check in every coaching journey: how is your energy? I have assembled all of my insights in a quick and easy 7-day online challenge: Map Your Energy. This way you can get started long before you're in the coaching seat!

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