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Very meaningful exercise! 
Incredible how much you learn about yourself and your team.


A session on collaboration and connection


For teams who want to learn about their collaboration through playful methods in order to increase their efficiency and mutual trust.


Teams are under increasing pressure. The new ways of working have created more distance between team members. There is hardly any room for informal conversations, so the glue between team members is quietly disappearing. This has a direct impact on the team's results.


The day consists of a number of playful work formats, with the aim of stimulating the fun and creativity of the team.


In addition, Debbie reveals your team dynamics: 

- How do you work toward a goal?

- How do you make decisions? 

- How do you take each other's opinions into consideration? 

- How do you deliberate?


1 day facilitated team session (9:30am-4pm) using playful work forms, to reveal team dynamics.

One of the central methods is Stringball:

Half of the participants put on a blindfold. The "blind" are instructed to carry a ball on a metal ring from one base to the other. They are not allowed to touch the ring directly. Instead, they transport the ball using a set of ropes attached to the ring. The "sighted" lead the whole process by coordinating the movements of the "blind". All communication is done by speaking. Dropping the ball during transport is punished in a way that the trainer and the group see fit  ;)



- setting goals as a team

- reconcile group and individual goals

- communicate clearly 

- incorporate leadership at different levels: macro and micro

- give feedback

- leading versus following

- trust each other

- delivering results under time pressure

- ...


OFFER: 15 years of coaching, 15% discount

Offer: 15% discount: 2337,5€ excl. VAT and travel expenses (0,5€/km from Merchtem)

(Current workshop price: 2750€ excl. VAT for groups up to 20 participants).



- Booking until November 1, scheduling the workshop in Q4 2022 or Q1 2023.

- Invoice paid in 2022

- Location and catering will be provided by the customer (room dimensions min. 8 x 8m, or outdoor space).

- Group size max 20 participants. For larger groups, a customized offer can be requested.

- Offer valid for max. 3 teams from the same organization

What do others say about this workshop?

"Very surprising how such a simple game reveals the essence of collaboration!"

"We had a good time, but above all we learned a lot"

"Being the "worker bee" instead of the leader revealed many insights to me"

"Standing there blindfolded and alone, not knowing what was going to happen, I suddenly understood very well that people disengage if you don't involve them enough."

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