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Thank you so much for organizing the very useful training.
I am always a bit skeptical when it comes to team training since a few that I had in the past were too vague and ended up “fun and games” rather than something one can apply to work. Great job Debbie, for sharp coaching and not a minute wasted!

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The power of teams lies in their collective wisdom. The circumstances have forced us to adopt a more digital way of working. This creates new opportunities. Are you maximizing them all?


This workshop provides a fun half-day during which the team can reconnect and build trust. We take time to reframe the outlook on collaboration in this new blended context and build a collective action plan for solid collaboration practices.

In addition, we discover the added value a personal leadership archetype can have for a team in volatile circumstances. We examine what the specific composition of Architects, Kings, Strategists,... in your team means for the collaboration.


Part I

How does our team deal with change?

  • Find out through interactive polling how your team really is dealing with change, both collectively and individually

What can we learn from our new way of working?

  • The new situation offers opportunities for more effective working habits, we discuss our best-in-class habits in small breakout rooms

How can we improve the way we work?

  • Based on the discussion above, we design a concrete action plan that will shape the way we work



How do we stay strong in times of chaos?

  • Introduction of leadership metaphors:

    • what is a leadership metaphor?

    • why can they be useful for all of us? Both individually and collectively?

Discovering your unique leadership metaphor

  • For this exercise we use our metaphors@work online card set. It depicts well known archetypes such as the King, the Jester, the Warrior, the Caregiver,... Each of them comes with a set of characteristics, strengths and pitfalls. Every team member picks their unique leadership metaphor based on the characteristics they recognize.

Sharing of the individual leadership metaphors

  • Who are the Architects, the Visionaries, the Caregivers,… in our team?

  • What are resilient teams made up of?

  • What does this composition mean for our team and the way we work? 



  • Re-connection, fun, laughter, togetherness in an online environment

  • Focus on the new opportunities to create collective value

  • Action plan to make most of your collective time together

  • Insight into the different approaches (archetypes) and the impact this has on the team


0,5 day digital team building (2 x 1,5 hours with a break or lunch in between)
We use the Zoom technology to maximize interactivity (polling, breakout rooms,…)


About the material:

  • "The images are very intuitive, the texts are written appreciatively and not too long"

  • "Nice distinction in underlying motives of the archetypes"

  • "The combination of intuitive and cognitive makes it very inviting and playful"

About the methodology:

  • "Time flew by, a nice variety of exercises and other methodologies".

  • "This methodology is more beautiful and nuanced than the traditional psychological models".

About the effects:

  • "It exposes a surprising side of people that is difficult to discover through traditional personality models".

  • "It exposes that which one does not know about one's intrinsic qualities"

  • "It triggers people to discover positive qualities and explore virgin territory"


The investment for this workshop depends on the number of participants. Contact me with your specific question,

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