For teams looking to reconnect and maximize their collective creative power after the covid crisis



The power of teams lies in their collective wisdom. Co-creation thrives when people are together in the same room. During the last few months, teams have only been able to connect virtually and they start to notice now that they are no longer tapping into their full collective power.



The Reconnect & Refocus workshop provides a fun half-day during which the team can reconnect and build trust. And there is more than just the fun! We take time to reframe the outlook on collaboration in this new blended context and build a collective action plan for solid collaboration practices.



Reconnect to build trust and create a collective creative space

We build a safe collective space to share everybody’s story: how did each team member experience the last few months? What did they like? What was tough? What do they need from the team?

Investigate the current context to discover new opportunities

  • What DID work?

  • What is actually BETTER in this blended virtual/live set-up?

  • What are the new opportunities?

  • How do we maximize the opportunities?

Refocus the way the team works in order to build solid collaboration practices that work in a blended context

  • What is possible on the short term?

  • What do we need to install on the long term?

  • What are the next steps?

  • Who is responsible for which part?

  • How do we follow up and evaluate?



  • Re-connection, fun, laughter, togetherness in a covid-safe environment

  • Focus on the new opportunities to create collective value

  • Action plan to make most of your collective time together

  • Tips & trick to build a solid collaboration practice


PS: photos were taken by Elsbeth Neyens in pre-covid times